Liv Johannesson, Illustrator

Swedish Sayings (Food and Things)

Sayings are used in everyday life, some more understandable and logical than others. Living abroad has given me a greater understanding of how sayings can reflect a country's culture and history. Below are some of the most common sayings in Sweden and also a few of the more weird ones. The essence of the saying, or it's English equivalent, is written below each image.

Something hidden shows up

When something has been fixed/is done - when you are in agreement

Cool as a cucumber - to be a relaxed person

All good things come in threes ( Why choose when you can have one of each - Illustrators motto)

Cream is essential to a good cup of coffee (kisses are essential in a love story)

To look for a partner that reminds you of yourself

To tar everyone with the same brush

To make off with something

To be succesfull without working for it - getting things served on a silver platter - riding the wave of somebody else's success

To be direct (at times even be blunt)

To add insult to injury

To be in an awkward or uncomfortable situation - to be in trouble

Making a fool out of one self - to really mess up

Good thing come to those who wait - patience is a virtue (illustrators opinion in red)